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Førende danske it-iværksættere skyder regeringens plan ned: Vi får ikke flere it-virksomheder i milliardklassen af at lægge offentlige institutioner sammen

Computerworld: Seneste om teknologi - Mon, 10/18/2021 - 06:14
Regeringen ønsker sig nogle flere danske vækstvirksomheder i milliardklassen. Det skal en fusion af tre offentlige organisationer til en stor statslig fond hjælpe med til, men den plan skyder nogle af de mest succesfulde danske it-iværksættere grundigt ned.
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Taliban says Afghan girls will return to secondary schools soon

Al Jazeera - Mon, 10/18/2021 - 06:09
Interior ministry spokesman tells Al Jazeera that all schools and universities in will reopen 'in a very short time'.

Facebook to hire 10,000 in EU to work on metaverse

BBC News - World - Mon, 10/18/2021 - 05:44
Mark Zuckerberg is a leading voice on the metaverse - a virtual reality version of the internet.

Kerala floods: At least 24 killed as rescue operation continues

BBC News - World - Mon, 10/18/2021 - 05:22
Heavy rains cause rivers to overflow in Kerala, washing away homes and trapping people under debris.

China economy slows; officials say recovery ‘unstable and uneven’

Al Jazeera - Mon, 10/18/2021 - 05:01
Officials say GDP grew at its slowest place in a year in the third quarter, amid power shortages and property woes.

If you're planning on shopping at Walmart for the holidays, here's your guide

Businessinsider - Mon, 10/18/2021 - 05:01
Walmart's Black Friday deals will roll out across November.
  • Walmart is bringing back its "Black Friday Deals for Days" sales events this year.
  • The retailer's Black Friday sales event will span the entire month of November.
  • Walmart Plus subscribers will get early access to deals.

Walmart is once again starting its Black Friday sales significantly earlier than the name might suggest. Starting at 8:15 p.m. ET on Monday, October 18, Black Friday discounts for items like air fryers, televisions, and trampolines will hit the retail company's website.

The retailer first launched "Black Friday Deals for Days" in 2020. During this year's holiday season, things might look a little bit different at the retail giant and beyond. Black Friday, usually the day after Thanksgiving, has been dwindling in importance for a number of years now, as retailers like Walmart opt to spread deals out.

Starting this year, members of the company's Walmart Plus subscription service will get special early access to the deals. Specifically, they can starting shopping online four hours earlier than non-subscribers for the company's three major savings events.

"We continue to build Walmart+ to be the ultimate life hack for our customers," said Janey Whiteside, chief customer officer for Walmart US said in a statement sent to Insider.

The first event will kick off online on November 3 at 7 p.m. ET and in stores on November 5 at 5 a.m. local time. These deals will focus on toys and electronics, including dolls and Keurig products. The retailer will also offer discounted tires.

The next sales event will start on the web on November 10 at 7 p.m. ET. The savings will hit stores on November 12 at 5 a.m. local time. Categories represented at this sales event will include apparel, home goods, and hardlines, including Shark vacuums, HP laptops, and Blackstone griddles.

Walmart has not yet released details about its third and final event. The company is offering rollback deals on products in-store and online.

"Our customers count on us to deliver an amazing Black Friday experience with the best prices year after year, and this year we're making it even bigger and better with more ways to shop and more of every item," Scott McCall, executive vice president and chief merchandising officer for Walmart US, said in a statement sent to Insider.

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Den Internationale Olympiske Komité smider fløjlshandskerne og går i kødet på Fifas VM-planer

DR Sporten - Mon, 10/18/2021 - 04:44
Den Internationale Olympiske Komité (IOC) er ikke imponeret over processen bag Fifas planer om VM hvert andet år.
Categories: Sport

GOP senator says Trump could lose the nomination if he runs in 2024 since Republicans lost the White House, House, and Senate during his presidency

Businessinsider - Mon, 10/18/2021 - 04:42
Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-Louisiana).
  • Sen. Bill Cassidy said if voters are thinking about winning in 2024, Trump might lose the primary.
  • "Elections are about winning," he said, adding the GOP lost the House, Senate, and White House under Trump.
  • Cassidy was one of seven Republican senators who voted to convict in Trump's impeachment trial.

GOP Sen. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana said he's not so sure former President Donald Trump would win the Republican nomination if he decides to run for president in 2024.

"President Trump is the first president in the Republican side at least to lose the House, the Senate and the presidency in four years. Elections are about winning," Cassidy said during an interview with "Axios on HBO" that aired Sunday.

Interviewer Mike Allen asked Cassidy if he thought Trump could lose the nomination.

"Well, if you want to win the presidency - and hopefully that's what voters are thinking about - I think he might," Cassidy said.

Cassidy was one of seven Republican senators who voted to convict Trump during his impeachment trial that followed the Capitol riot. Trump was acquitted, but Cassidy has repeatedly stood by his vote to convict.

-Axios (@axios) October 17, 2021

"I take an oath to support and defend the Constitution, and when there was a pattern of behavior that culminated, as it did, on January the 6th, and we've had revelations since, that just led me to that decision," Cassidy said in the interview.

Trump has not officially announced plans to run in 2024, though he has repeatedly teased the idea at rallies and during media interviews.

Cassidy told Axios if Trump does end up running, he won't be voting for him.

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Afghan girls are ‘left in darkness’ by the Taliban

BBC News - World - Mon, 10/18/2021 - 04:37
BBC correspondent Yogita Limaye in Kabul asks the Taliban when girls can go back to school.

Trump is calling for a vote audit in another Arizona county even after the first recount in Maricopa proved Biden won

Businessinsider - Mon, 10/18/2021 - 04:29
Former President Donald Trump has his sights set on pushing for yet another vote audit in Arizona - this time, in Pima County.
  • Former President Donald Trump has alleged that "fictitious" votes were cast in Arizona's Pima County.
  • He also called for a new election in the county to take place "immediately."
  • But Pima County officials have spoken up to refute his claims, calling their elections free, fair, secure, and accurate.

Former President Donald Trump is once again pushing for a vote audit in Arizona, even after an earlier vote audit in Maricopa County proved that President Joe Biden won.

This time, the former president has his sights set on Pima County, the state's second-most populous county after Maricopa.

Trump baselessly alleged in a statement on October 15 that there were "staggering anomalies and fictitious votes in Pima County's mail-in returns." He also alleged without evidence that the ballot boxes in the county were stuffed "with more ballots than were ever sent."

"A new analysis of mail-in ballots in Pima County, Arizona, means the election was Rigged and Stolen from the Republican Party in 2020, and in particular, its Presidential Candidate," Trump's statement read. "Either a new election should immediately take place, or the past election should be decertified, and the Republican candidate declared a winner."

In the same statement, Trump also urged GOP officials to "start a canvass of Republican voters" to "remove the obvious fictitious voters from the system."

Chuck Huckelberry, a county administrator in Pima County, refuted the former president's claims in an interview with NBC affiliate KVOA.

"Pima County conducted a free, fair, secure, and accurate election. The results were publicly audited via hand count by the County's Republican and Democratic parties, and the results were certified by the Pima County Board of Supervisors and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey," Huckelberry told KVOA.

Huckelberry emphasized that the county's elections website has a "wealth of information" about its elections dating back to the 1990s, including an elections security plan.

"If there is anyone who believes they have evidence of wrongdoing, they should provide such evidence to proper investigative authorities, or file an action in the Pima County Superior Court or the US District Court," Huckelberry said.

KVOA also spoke to Pima County recorder Gabriella Cázares-Kelly, who said that the county's bipartisan elections integrity commission, which is made up of Democratic, Republican, Libertarian, and Green Party candidates, found "no reason" to question the 2020 vote results.

"We found no instances of deviations of elections protocols and no concerns of fraud have been brought to our attention," Cázares-Kelly said.

Pima County's local government took to Twitter to debunk the former president's accusations, tweeting on October 16: "There seems to be some interest in Pima County's 2020 election results. Fortunately, there is a wealth of information about it available online. Here's a thread of links for anyone who might have the time or the inclination to take a trip down memory lane."

The tweet thread from the county included links to the audits conducted on its vote count, the live feeds of its counting room, and a link to the official canvass of the 2020 election.

Separately, Trump has continued to claim that the audit in Maricopa County uncovered "undeniable evidence" of fraud. Earlier this month, the Cyber Ninjas' vote recount in Maricopa County confirming Biden beat Trump, and by 261 more votes than was initially counted.

Arizona GOP officials also testified before Congress on October 7 that Biden won "free, fair, and accurate elections," citing the results of the GOP-led vote audit.

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Should COVID-19 vaccines be mandatory?

Al Jazeera - Mon, 10/18/2021 - 03:41
Experts say vaccines mandates are '100 percent a human rights issue' but also about keeping society safe.

Sen. Joe Manchin is demanding Biden's child tax credit come with a work requirement and income cap around $60,000, report says

Businessinsider - Mon, 10/18/2021 - 02:53
Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., speaks at a news conference outside of his office on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, Oct. 6, 2021.
  • Sen. Joe Manchin wants the child tax credit to cap family income around $60,000, sources told Axios.
  • Manchin supported the credit under the American Rescue Plan in March with no work requirement.
  • The first child tax credit payment lifted around 3 million children out of poverty, one study found.

As Democrats continue to negotiate over the reconciliation bill, Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia has made firm demands regarding the child tax credit, including a work requirement and a family income cap around $60,000, sources told Axios.

The credit was initially expanded under the American Rescue Plan in March, with Manchin's support and no work requirement, and provided most families with monthly payments of $250 or $300 per child. Single-parent and two-parent families who made up to $112,500 and $150,000 respectively were eligible for the full credit under the plan.

Manchin's income cap proposal would significantly lower the amount families could bring home and still qualify for the credit.

A strong majority of Congressional Democrats have lobbied to make the child tax credit permanent as it helps millions of families pay for basic necessities like housing, health care, child care, and education.

A Columbia University study from August found that, under the American Rescue Plan, the first child tax credit payment in July lifted approximately 3 million children out of poverty.

-Pramila Jayapal (@PramilaJayapal) August 14, 2021

Still, Manchin argues that without a work requirement attached to the credit, our society and economy will develop an "entitlement mentality." In September, he told CNN's Dana Bash that tying the credit to parents with jobs would ensure assistance was provided to "the right people."

An analysis released last week by researchers from the Center on Poverty and Social Policy at Columbia University, Barnard College, and Bocconi University found the credit had "statistically insignificant impacts" on job seeking and workforce participation.

The child tax credit program is just one of the policies facing cuts in the proposed $3.5 trillion social spending bill as Democrats in Congress try to win over centrists like Manchin and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, Insider's Joseph Zeballos-Roig reported.

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Australian pair survive days without water in remote outback

BBC News - World - Mon, 10/18/2021 - 02:46
The man and teenage boy endured up to four days without water in "harsh" conditions, police say.

Stor usikkerhed om Schrems II-garanti i Googles nye EU-cloud

Version2 - Seneste nyheder - Mon, 10/18/2021 - 02:45
Om under et år skal en ny EU-cloud-løsning fra Google være køreklar i Tyskland. Initiativet skal give europæere kontrol over data, men ingen ved, hvad den nye sky vil betyde for Schrems II-problematikken, eller om data alligevel kan ende i USA.
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