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Away is having a rare sale this Black Friday — save up to 40% off on luggage and travel accessories

Businessinsider - Wed, 11/24/2021 - 18:46

Prices are accurate at the time of publication.

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more.

Popular baggage maker Away has started its Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, with a selection of items up to 40% off, including luggage, suitcases, totes, toiletry bags, and other travel essentials. The "Cyber Week" sale launched ahead of Black Friday and will end on Cyber Monday, November 29, and is available online and at the company's retail stores.

As more people are traveling again — whether it's international flights or domestic road trips — the sale comes at an appropriate time. While Away has run promotions — it last ran "The Surprise 30% Off" sale in March — they are rare. In our research and testing, we find Away's luggage and travel gear to be some of the best in the industry, not to mention stylish.

However, this particular sale isn't as grand as Away's "Surprise" sale. The popular original Carry-On is not part of the lineup, but variations of it are. Neither are the new hardshell suitcases we recently reviewed. It's possible Away could add more items to this sale, but for now, it's limited. Still, it's worth taking a look, especially if you have been looking at Away luggage for your next travel.

The best Away Black Friday and Cyber Monday dealsAway The Expandable Carry-OnThe Away Carry-On luggage is one of the company's most popular products and this expandable version (nearly 2 inches) gives you more room to fit more clothes or souvenirs. It has the same build quality (water-resistant nylon) and features (four 360-degree spinner wheels, compression system, front pocket) we love about the non-expandable version, but when fully expanded, the larger size may not fit in some overhead compartments.$191.00 FROM AWAYOriginally $225.00 | Save 15%

Away The Everywhere Bag (Leather)This weekend bag is the leather version of The Everywhere Bag in nylon, but it's just as durable. Great for a quick getaway for work or play, there's room for clothes, a laptop, and travel essentials. It's also great as an everyday bag when you need the extra space for workout gear.$147.00 FROM AWAYOriginally $245.00 | Save 40%

Away The Bigger Carry-On with PocketLike the Bigger Carry-On, you get more interior storage while staying within the dimensions to fit most overhead compartments. This version has a front pocket that lets you easily stash a 15" laptop and other documents you need to access quickly. Like Away's other luggage, the Bigger Carry-On with Pocket has smooth-gliding spinner wheels, and it's available in nylon or hard shell.$241.00 FROM AWAYOriginally $345.00 | Save 30%

Away The Latitude ToteGreat as a personal travel item or an everyday purse, this chic tote has tons of room inside to throw in all those accessories, or even a 15" laptop. It's made from a premium leather and also comes with a detachable strap. It comes in an array of color options from a classic black to a ruby red. For a longer version, check out Away's The Longitude Tote.$117.00 FROM AWAYOriginally $195.00 | Save 40%

Away The Longitude ToteAway's Longitude Tote is a practical and simple bag that we would happily take to work, with plenty of room for gym wear. It has a magnetic closure, but we wish it had a zipper to secure the belongings when traveling. Otherwise, it's suitable for a daily commute or as an in-flight personal item. For a wider version, check out Away's Latitude Tote.$117.00 FROM AWAYOriginally $195.00 | Save 40%

Away The Daily Carry-On with PocketFor those who want the best from Away's luggage but in a much smaller size, the Daily Carry-On with Pocket is made with a durable but lightweight hard exterior. Four spinner wheels and a telescoping handle allow for easy movement. Ideal for the business traveler, there's enough room for a 13" laptop, documents, and clothes for short trips, and a front pocket for easy access. The downside is that it's slightly too large to fit underneath an airplane seat, so it doesn't count as a personal item.$171.00 FROM AWAYOriginally $245.00 | Save 30%

Away The MiniThis cute little mini replica of the classic Carry-On is great for storing in-flight necessities like chapstick, lotion, or even small snacks. I like to throw it in my bag and then keep it in my seatback pocket during flights for easy access.$31.00 FROM AWAYOriginally $45.00 | Save 31%

Away Black Friday deals FAQWhen does the Away Black Friday sale start and end?

Away's "Cyber Week" 2021 sale, which started early in advance of Black Friday, ends November 29. Due to Away's popularity, items may sell out before the end of the event.

Is everything on sale?

The sale is limited to select styles and colors. While Away's highly popular Carry-On isn't part of the sale, variations of this product are, such as the Bigger Carry-On with Pocket and Expandable Carry-On, as well as travel totes and accessories. It's possible Away may add more items during the sale.

What are the best styles from Away?

Away's classic The Carry-On bag is one of our favorite luggage. In our testing, we found it surprisingly packable and spacious, and it looks great. It also comes with a built-in lock for security and a battery to recharge your phone (you will need to remove the battery should you need to check the luggage).

We also like Away's Latitude and Longitude totes. Attractive and durable, they are great to take on board a plane as a personal bag for all your inflight essentials, or as everyday bags for your commute to work or the gym. 

Equally attractive is the leather version of Away's The Everywhere Bag. Perfect for short trips, this weekend bag is also durable like Away's other products, but it's so stylish that it works as a regular bag for work as well.

What are the best deals from Away's Black Friday sale?How often does Away have sales?

Away's sales don't happen often. The first time the company ever had one was in September 2020 since its founding in 2015, followed by "The Surprise 30% Off" sale it had this past March. It's possible Away may start having more sales in the future, but we haven't seen any indication of that. We wouldn't wait if you see something you want.

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Scholz to become German chancellor after securing coalition deal

Al Jazeera - Wed, 11/24/2021 - 18:44
Three parties agree to form a 'traffic light' coalition government following parliamentary elections in September.

Oil-rich nations may respond to Biden's attempt to cut gas prices by hoarding their stock to keep prices high at the pump

Businessinsider - Wed, 11/24/2021 - 18:33
President Joe Biden delivers remarks on the passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill in the State Dining Room of the White House on Saturday, Nov. 6, 2021.
  • Key OPEC nations are weighing a halt to efforts to ramp up oil production, the WSJ reported.
  • It comes a day after the US and other nations announced they'd be tapping strategic oil reserves to relieve high prices.
  • The brewing rivalry could keep gas prices at 7-year highs.

A new rivalry is brewing in the oil market, and its keeping gas prices at seven-year highs.

Saudi Arabia and Russia are weighing a pause to their efforts to supply more crude oil, the Wall Street Journal reports. The two countries are influential members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). The international cartel initially planned to boost oil production through the end of the year as economies reopened. A pause would bring new tension to the global oil market and almost certainly leave gas prices at their current highs.

The report comes only a day after the US and other countries like China and Japan announced they'd be tapping into their strategic reserves of crude oil in a bid to control rising gas prices. President Joe Biden said on Tuesday the US would release 50 million barrels from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, an underground oil stockpile currently holding some 600 million barrels. China, South Korea, India, and Japan also announced releases of their own.

"We're launching a major effort to moderate the price of oil, an effort that will span the globe and its reach and ultimately reach your corner gas station," Biden said. 

The US had tried pressuring the Saudi-led Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) to ramp up production as the cost of gas hit $3.40 this week, according to AAA. Gas prices have risen markedly compared to a year ago with demand surging due to a reopening of the economy.

Yet OPEC refused Biden's call for more production earlier in November, arguing another virus variant or unforeseen crisis could weaken oil demand like the Delta variant did. With key OPEC members mulling even slower production and other countries tapping their reserves, the global energy market is splitting into two factions with dramatically different goals.

Not all OPEC countries are aligned with Russia and Saudi Arabia in wanting to pause production hikes. The United Arab Emirates isn't convinced that freezing the planned increases is necessary, WSJ reported. Kuwait is also opposed to a pause.

Biden is facing mounting criticism from Republicans on the rising cost of groceries and gas ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday. Gasoline costs have played a major role in the higher inflation hammering Americans, with prices climbing 6.1% in October alone. Though the economic recovery is progressing well, soaring prices have dragged Americans' outlooks to the lowest level in a decade.

The White House has said it's open to releasing more oil from its underground stockpile. But with OPEC hinting it could withhold supply for longer than expected, the US could be in for a prolonged battle over soaring gas prices.

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How to connect a PS4 controller to your PC via a USB cable or Bluetooth

Businessinsider - Wed, 11/24/2021 - 18:30
  • You can connect your PS4 controller to a PC using a micro-USB cable or wirelessly via Bluetooth.
  • With a USB, you can connect to your PC via Steam or DS4 Windows Utility.
  • If your PC supports Bluetooth, you can pair and connect your controller wirelessly.
  • Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories.

If you enjoy using a PS4 controller for PC gaming, you'll be glad to know that there are a few ways to connect your PS4 controller to your Windows 10 PC. 

Two of these methods involve a wired connection (via a micro-USB cable), and the third involves pairing your controller wirelessly via Bluetooth. 

Here's how to connect your PS4 controller to a PC in three different ways, and how to reconnect your PS4 controller to your PS4 console.

How to connect PS4 controller to PC with a USB

If you want to connect your PS4 controller with a micro-USB cable (the same cable you use to charge the controller), you have two options: via Steam or the DS4 Windows Utility.   

Connect via Steam

If you're a PC gamer, chances are you have a Steam account, which you can use to connect a PS4 controller. 

1. Open the Steam app and click the Big Picture Mode icon in the top-right. It looks like a square with two arrows pointing out.

Open Big Picture Mode, which turns Steam into a full-screen application.

2. Once in Big Picture Mode, select the gear-shaped Settings icon at the top-right.

Click the Settings icon.

3. Under the Controller tab, click Controller Settings.

Other Steam options, like display and audio controls, can be found here as well.

4. Check the box for PlayStation Configuration Support.

Steam has the ability to connect controllers across gaming platforms.

5. Plug the PS4 controller into your PC using the micro-USB cable. Make sure the backlight on the controller glows to indicate that there's a connection.

6. Steam should automatically detect and configure your controller. Click it when it appears at the bottom of the page.

Click the controller's name when it appears.Connect via DS4 Windows Utility

If you want to use your wired controller with a non-Steam game, this is another option.

1. In a web browser on your PC, go to the DS4 Windows website. Click Download Now.

2. You'll be redirected to Github. Find and click the DS4Windows.zip file, then download it onto your computer.

The most recent version of this software was released in 2016, but it still works.

3. Find the downloaded .zip file on your computer and open it, then double-click DS4Updater and click Extract All.

Files with the .zip extension should be extracted before they run.

4. Pick a location for the files to be extracted to. It should be a location that you can find easily.

5. Once extracted, open the location you picked and double-click DS4Windows. If you're asked to confirm that you want to run the program, click Run.

6. You'll be asked where you want to save the program's files. If you don't care where they go, pick Appdata. If you want to be able to move them around, pick Program Folder and select a location.

7. Once you've picked a spot to save the files, click Step 1: Install the DS4 Driver and let the program install its files. If you're asked whether you'd like to install the software, click Install.

Assuming you're on a Windows 10 computer, select the first option.

You can now use the PS4 controller on your PC with a micro-USB cable, although you may need to restart your computer first.

How to connect PS4 controller to PC with Bluetooth

If your PC supports Bluetooth, you can pair and connect your controller wirelessly.

1. Open your PC's search menu (you can press the Windows key + Q to open it immediately) and search for Bluetooth.

2. Select Bluetooth and other devices settings in the search results.

3. Make sure your computer has Bluetooth enabled by setting the switch labeled Bluetooth to On.

Enable Bluetooth connections.

4. Hold down the Playstation and Share buttons on your controller until the backlight starts flashing.

Hold down the PlayStation and Share buttons.

5. On your PC, click Add Bluetooth or other device, and select Bluetooth.

"Bluetooth" is the first, default option — if this doesn't work, pick "Everything else" instead.

6. You'll see your PS4 controller listed as Wireless Controller. Click it to finalize the connection. If you're asked for a passcode, enter 0000.

You may see the controller under an alternative name as well, like "Dualshock 4."How to reconnect controller to PS4 console

To reconnect a PS4 controller to your PS4 console after using it with a PC, you'll need to physically connect the controller to the console with a USB. 

Then, press the PS button on the controller. Once you've followed these steps, you can remove the USB cable and use your controller wirelessly.

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3 books by Native authors you should read this year, according to the owner of an Indigenous book subscription service

Businessinsider - Wed, 11/24/2021 - 18:27

Prices are accurate at the time of publication.

November is Native American Heritage Month and Insider had the opportunity to speak with Nicole McLaren, the owner and founder of Raven Reads, a book subscription box that shares the voices and work of Indigenous authors while reinvesting money into other Indigenous-owned businesses. 

McLaren, who identifies as Métis, Cree, and European, stressed the importance of supporting Native-owned businesses, especially women-owned businesses. "There's a huge ripple effect by directing your consumer dollars into companies that are owned by Indigenous peoples, specifically women," McLaren said. "And I think it just has a much broader impact in your local community, in your region, and in your state that you just won't get buying more big brands from big chain stores." By purchasing from Native-owned businesses, McLaren added that you're investing money into diversifying economies to produce sustainable wealth in Indigenous communities and families. 

In addition to highlighting Native businesses to support, McLaren recommended several books by Indigenous authors that showcase the stories, struggles, and successes of Native characters. These books encourage readers to learn about the people whose traditional land we live on and "those vibrant cultures that still exist today," she said. 

"I think just reaching out and engaging with all those Indigenous communities around you and just getting to know a bit more about the people that are there and learning a bit more about maybe some of those inequities and then how you can play a role in improving," McLaren said. 

Take a look at this map to see which Indigenous land you reside on

Here are 3 books by Native authors to read in 2021"There, There" by Tommy Orange

"There, There" by Tommy Orange, available at Amazon and Eleanor's Bookshop, from $11.49

The first book recommended by McLaren is "There, There" by Tommy Orange, a member of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes of Oklahoma. "I definitely look for books that really connect historical context with modern societal issues," McLaren said. 

The novel highlights a variety of Native voices as the characters prepare to travel to the Big Oakland Powwow. The twelve characters are urban Native Americans who, through essays, share the complexities of history, trauma, identity, violence and colonialism they continue to face in modern society. 

"The Break" by Katherena Vermette

"The Break" by Katherena Vermette, available at Amazon and Eleanor's Bookshop, from $9.36

McLaren recommended "The Break" by Métis author Katherena Vermette. "I really appreciate how her storytelling helps people really make connections with intergenerational trauma and how the impact of residential schools still impacts families today. And I think that was a fundamental story that everybody should read," she said.  

"The Break" follows the story of ten women that are intertwined through trauma and loss after a crime occurs in Winnipeg's North End neighborhood. The novel highlights issues of race and violence surrounding Indigenous women and the effects of generational trauma in Indigenous communities.

"Seven Fallen Feathers" by Tanya Talaga

"Seven Fallen Feathers" by Tanya Talaga, available at Amazon and Birchbark Books, from $16.25

Tanya Talaga is Ojibwe and the author of "Seven Fallen Feathers." "This one is nonfiction, but it speaks about children in Northern Ontario that were killed in Thunder Bay," said McLaren. "It talks about the systemic racism that occurs in many of those communities and the inequities that children face in our education system."

This book shares the harrowing stories of Indigenous children who died while attending residential schools in 1966 and throughout the 2000s. Along with the stories of the children, Talaga sheds light on the history and current effects of racism, inequality, and cultural genocide of Indigenous people and children. 

Read the original article on Business Insider

People of color and rural households are getting hit the hardest by the hot inflation of 2021

Businessinsider - Wed, 11/24/2021 - 18:24
Prices for energy, food, cars, and household supplies are going up due to record-high inflation in the US.
  • People of color, rural households, and families without a college graduate are affected the most by inflation. 
  • These groups have less income, and are therefore more "exposed" to higher inflation, Bank of America said.
  • Higher inflation adds to the financial strain the pandemic has already caused these groups.

Inflation is hurting Americans' wallets as it hits a 30-year-high in the United States — but people of color and rural households are feeling it the most. 

Inflation has hurt lower-income families, families of color, and rural households more than other demographics, a Bank of America research report found last week. Breaking down demographics by race, geography, and income, the bank found that the "inflation shock" of 2021 has disproportionately affected the marginalized: Households without college graduates, African American, Hispanic and Latino communities, and those not living in cities have been spending more of their post-tax income on goods and services. 

Those with less income and wealth are less likely to have savings to buffer the current inflation shock. Therefore, the hit to their spending power is greater. 

But lower-income families are also more "exposed" to the goods with the most inflation, researchers wrote. The goods seeing the most price inflation include energy, food, cars, and household furnishings and supplies. 

African American, Hispanic, and Latino households spent 7.1% of their post-tax income on energy, for instance, compared to 5.4% spent by other demographics. These same households spent 12.5% of their income on food, compared to 11.1% for everyone else. In total, BofA researchers said the spending power shock from these higher inflation categories was 4% for African American, Hispanic, and Latino groups, compared to 2.9% for everyone else. 

The divide was similar for rural versus urban populations. The former experienced a shock of 5.2%, while the latter saw one of 3.5%. 

"All of the high-inflation categories, particularly energy and new & used cars, make up a larger share of the consumption basket for rural households," researchers said. "They also earn and save less than urban households, and so inflation is a bigger drag on their income, and they have less buffer against the shock."

The researchers found that each of the four high-inflation categories makes up a larger share of the "consumption basket" for households in which no one is a college graduate.

"In total, they account for 35% of 2019 spending, compared to 28% for households in which someone has a college degree," they wrote. "The gap between the groups gets even larger (34% vs. 23%) when we look at spending in our high-inflation categories as a share of total income."

It's another sign of the K-shaped economic recovery in America

The report clarifies that the difference in impact of inflation between races is relatively small, but still notable when compared along income lines. "Inflation hurts lower-income households," it says. "Namely, less-educated and rural households, those with non-managerial workers and minorities – the most." 

This conclusion lines up with general racial wealth gap data, which shows that Black Americans face the worst barriers to building wealth. The median white family had more than 10 times the wealth of the median Black family in 2016, for instance, according to the Fed's 2017 "Survey of Consumer Finances."

The findings about lower-income Americans being hit worse — as well as the divide between urban and rural populations — also reinforces what we know about disparities in financial recovery at this point of the pandemic. 

Economists have described the current state of economic recovery as "K-shaped." That means that in the current recession, technology, retail, and software industries have recovered from the pandemic downturn, while travel, entertainment, hospitality, and food-services industries have continued to decline. 

A K-shaped recovery reveals and worsens pre-existing wealth disparities. Essentially, higher income households are recovering, while lower income ones are continuing to struggle.

Inflation disproportionately affecting low-income households highlights pandemic financial trends: because these households are still suffering, their dollars are being stretched thinner by bloated food and energy prices. 

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Mass surveillance fuels oppression of Uighurs and Palestinians

Al Jazeera - Wed, 11/24/2021 - 18:22
Israel, like China, has weaponised surveillance technology to suppress peaceful dissent.

Norske journalister anholdt i Qatar. For fem år siden oplevede tre danskere det samme

DR Sporten - Wed, 11/24/2021 - 18:10
I 2016 oplevede den danske journalist Niels Borchert Holm også at blive tilbageholdt i Qatar.
Categories: Sport

What to expect as Iran nuclear talks resume next week

Al Jazeera - Wed, 11/24/2021 - 18:06
New round of talks unlikely to produce breakthrough but will shed light on posture of new Iranian gov't, analysts say.

Germany's Scholz seals deal to end Merkel era

BBC News - World - Wed, 11/24/2021 - 18:04
Olaf Scholz will head a three-party coalition with broad plans for transition to a green economy.

Biden to nominate Shalanda Young to lead key White House office

Al Jazeera - Wed, 11/24/2021 - 17:57
Young would be first Black woman in US history to hold the powerful White House budget and policy post.

Turkey, UAE sign financial cooperation deals as ties warm

Al Jazeera - Wed, 11/24/2021 - 17:48
The deals highlight the pivot towards economic partnership after a decade-long battle for regional influence.

Ethiopia's Haile Gebrselassie and Feyisa Lilesa ready to join Tigray war

BBC News - World - Wed, 11/24/2021 - 17:29
Haile Gebrselassie and Feyisa Lilesa back the PM's call to go to the front line of the Tigray war.

There is need for a truly independent probe into Ethiopia abuses

Al Jazeera - Wed, 11/24/2021 - 17:29
The joint OHCHR/EHRC investigation into alleged atrocities in Tigray failed to establish a path towards accountability.

Antique rifle thief gets a day in jail decades on from his museum heists

BBC News - World - Wed, 11/24/2021 - 17:28
Thomas Gavin apologised "for all this trouble" from his antique robberies in the 60s and 70s.